DisplayMate: iPad 2 Display Beats Out Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer



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"Dr. Soneira posits that Apple's tablet is 'virtually identical in performance to the impressive iPhone 4 Retina Display.'"

I love my iPad 2, but the display is not as nice as the Retina Display on my iPhone 4. I still can see pixels to a small degree on the iPad 2, but I can't see pixels in the iPhone 4. Perhaps Dr. Soneira meant performance in reference to color range and refresh rates.

-Sent from my iPad, which probably accounts for 90% of my personal computing.



I have to say, Asus did a great job on the Transformer display, especially for $399. I've been looking for a decent Android tablet... passed on the Xoom and bought the $449 Acer Iconia Tab instead but sent it back because the display was weak (HD video playback was also choppy, but otherwise a decent tablet). The Transformer is a keeper by comparison, and I notice very little difference between it and my iPad 2. No wonder Amazon keeps selling out of them!

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