The Science Behind Jobs' Hormonal Imbalance



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I appreciate the debate on whether Maclife should be reporting on Steve Jobs' medical condition. Obviously, as I am editorial director of Mac|Life and we are reporting on this topic, you know where I stand.

Today, I just want to point out that we are not the only media outlet covering this story:

- In this URL, the Silicon Valley Insider excerpts a Wall Street Journal article in which a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist opines the cancer may have recurred (I am using this URL because the WSJ requires registration):

- In this article, TIME reports on the various impacts of a Jobs-less Apple, and reports (opines?) that "A number of medical commentators found [the hormonal imbalance] explanation lacking.",9171,1870502-2,00.html

- In this article, TIME discusses numerous medical theories:,8599,1869975,00.html

- In this article, the Silicon Valley Insider gets more details about the recurrence theory from the endocrinologist interviewed by WSJ, and also runs an extensive counter-explanation from a different endocrinologist:

- In this article, the US News & World Report discuss numerous theories including a possible recurrence of cancer:

- MSNBC weighs in. Again, an MD suggests a recurrence scenario:

The stories go on and on. Just google "Steve Jobs" and "endocrinologist." I'm sharing these URLs not because I have a morbid curiosity with Steve's health, but because I want our readers to know that Maclife isn't alone in covering this news story. And, FWIW, our coverage seems to be consistent with that of what I'll call the "mainstream news media." Whether that's good or bad is up for you all to decide. But, FWIW, I think our coverage has been fine.


Michael Simon

I liked it, Carol. When Steve disclosed his "hormone imbalance," I wondered if it was related to his cancer surgery. It's interesting to read an expert's opinion.


I'm going to have to agree with the previous comments. Yes, if Steve is suddenly deathly ill and rushed to the hospital, I wouldn't mind knowing. But he has publicly stated his situation for the exact purpose of stopping this kind of nonsense. Nothing in this article is of interest to Mac users. I try to avoid gossip publications, and that's exactly what this article is. Let him live his private life. We especially don't need the thoughts of a doctor who has never treated Mr. Jobs and can only speculate as to his condition. Let's make this the last of these articles.



Okay. I don't usually post comments online but I came across this story and just could not believe what I'm reading. It was hard enough reading all the comments speculating on Mr. Job's health before MacWorld but this story has sunk this site to a new low. Leave the man alone. It is his health and he deserves his privacy. Wouldn't you ask the same if it was you in the same position? I would use stronger language but of course I can't here. I am a Mac user and consultant since 1986 and think as highly of him as anyone but for you to try to comment on whatever he might be suffering from is truly inexcusable. If you think that outrageous story lines like this are what it takes to draw traffic to your site then think again. I am truly disgusted. Go find another hobby ...



Whether or not you people like it, Jobs is the CEO of a multi-BILLION dollar company, not to mention the majority shareholder, so his health is REQUIRED BY LAW to be public knowledge.  He signed off any privacy right had by taking on those aforementioned postions.  If he is indeed sick, or in someway, unfit to run the company, it's the duty of both Apple and the media to report this.  The other shareholders have a right to know what is going on with the person who runs the company they have ownership in and the right to decide if they want to sell off that ownership if there's problems in the higher ups.I'm getting sick of reading posts that complain about the media and their "speculation" of Job's health.  Here's the deal...  There would be no speculation if Apple would come out and say exactly what is wrong, instead of lying to the public with made up truths.  Case in point?  Last month when it was announced Apple was pulling out of MacWorld and that Jobs would not be giving the keynote this last year, it was because the company felt there was no need to have Jobs speak.  Right....  So, the "specualtion" begins.  Then, what happens one day before MacWorld?  Apple and Jobs come out and state that he is indeed sick, giving truth to the speculation and not the company themselves.  And the reason he did not give his keynote is that he was home, recouperating, with his family due to a horomone deficiency.  If that was the issue all along, why not come out and say it?  It IS their corporate duty after all. 



The point is that this article was written AFTER Steve and Apple came out and disclosed his health issues and reasons for not speaking at the Expo. Some speculation is understandable after the announcement he wouldn't be doing the keynote, but now that he has been open about it and given his reasons AND said he has no problems stepping down if/when he is unable to do his duties there really is no reason for an article like this.


Mario sarrica

Wish the media would get off steve's back
I mean if he is sick its his choice to come out with it!
Apple still make the best computers and software
He seems ok at events talks for long periods of time .
Go steve!

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