Does the Samsung Galaxy S3 Have the Specs to Outperform the iPhone 5?



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Siri sux. FaceTime has potential to be great. Just cuz apple makes it doesn't mean it's good. It's usually old ideas refined into a new life.



Apple has an eye for quality. If they make it, you can be assured that the product is quality. All the iPad is is just an old idea. Look up the Dynabook.



As an Android user for past year (Was an iPhone user for a year) I say it wouldn't matter if Samsung shove a 2.5GHz quad core processor with an extra 2GHz quad core for pure graphics processing, a true HD screen and a bullet proof ceramic case.

I have been getting interested in Apple again recently and have been using one of my work's iPhone 4s occasionally and I have to admit, Android is a shambles. The third-party applications appear to be more of a side project for developers than anything else.

An example would be Dolphin HD the Apple version is much better in terms of speed and looks. Also the twitter app works better same with Facebook and many more. Furthermore the game developers of IOS are definitely on top form! I played Infinity blade yesterday and was absolutely gob smacked by its graphics and performance.

I don't mean developers are no good at making Android applications because they are fantastic at it and can do things I can only dream of doing, but their apple version are far better.

I believe more and more people with realise this soon and jump ship to Apple. I know I will be first in line as soon as iPhone 5 is out.

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