DOJ Lays Down the Law in Proposed Apple eBook Settlement



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wow and no one thinks this Department of Amazon is trying to get its 90% market share back? The DOJ needs to be fired and executed for defending a company not people!!!!!



Are you serious? You actually want to pay more for ebooks than anyone else. Monopolies were outlawed a hundred years ago in America, and America is where this is taking place.



APPLE being sued for being a monopoly? Wow you are an uninformed idiot... sorry but it seems you didn't read the case... AMAZON WAS THE MONOPOLY... and controlled E-Book prices... Apple come-on the scene and says hey if you want to sell with us your prices have to be the same everywhere, but your free to charge what you think is fair not what Amazon thinks is good for consumers...

Bottom line: AMAZON HAD NO RIGHT TO FORCE BOOK PUBLISHERS TO KEEP THERE PRICES AT THAT LEVEL!!! (THATS A MONOPOLY) Apple allowed publishers to charge what they wanted! THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE IN A FREE COUNTRY, not controlled by GREED and MARKETSHARE hoarders like amazon!!!

AMAZON: was also the company who pushed for an internet tax!!! only because it would hurt online stores of people like Walmart,target,best buy,etc. Ill also ad they did this at the same time they were asking for tax breaks for building warehouses in the highest tax places in the country!!


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