DonorsChoose Challenge 2012! The Final Countdown!



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The donation business is a great thing only up to the point in which it becomes a matter of skin color. For example, there are fund raising websites in which individuals can post their plea in hopes that such a presentation will turn up some funds, it is funny how the White-race programs overwhelmingly get funded over colored people programs. As a Puerto Rican that attempted to raise funds for my new compression technology, I was not surprised that I did not raise a single penny; presentation was kicked out by the White owners of the fund raising website. In these websites you find the silliest of projects and when someone like me that has a ground breaking idea with a working prototype...he is obviously discriminated against because he does not have a White name (despite the fact that historically I am half White). This is the reality the world continues to ignore as it pretends that the world is a perfect sphere.



I think it's such an amazing thing for all of you to be donating to these projects. As an educator, any support we receive is so truly appreciated. I've had a few projects funded on Donors Choose and it has made such a huge difference in our classroom. It provides so many new opportunities for us.

We currently have a project that only has 15 days left before time is up on it. We would love any support you are able to provide. You can view it by visiting

Thank you again for your support of education!

-Shawn Avery

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