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Downloaded and installed. :-) Awesome find, though I hope the Apple cops don't come knocking on my door.

I started out late to the party. I had used a couple old Macs when I worked at Motorola back in the 90's, but was a PC guy. I knew Windows inside and out. For *fun* I'd pick up one of those NYC phonebook-sized copies of Computer Shopper and drool over it. My main machine was a 486, though I also had a homebrew BBS on an old 386 hooked up to a second phone line. (Tradewars, baby!) Then one day in 1996, I realized my old 486 was too slow and needed to be replaced. I started looking into what was available. Yawn. Nothing really caught my eye... just more of the same ol' stuff. I started looking at my software... man, I had a LOT of repair and diagnostic software. I realized I was spending a lot of time FIXING Windows and not really using it. I wanted something DIFFERENT.

Just for grins, I picked up a copy of MacAddict. Like I said, I had used a couple old Macs before, and I knew people who were Mac users and they were all passionate about their computers. I figured all these Mac users *can't* be nuts, maybe there's something to this?

The first thing I noticed was the letters section. These people were actually HAPPY. I was used to all the PC mags of the day that featured endless bitching about how this doesn't work or how that update broke this software. I was intrigued, so I did some more digging and bought a couple other Mac magazines as well. I wanted to learn more about the Mac.

Back then, you couldn't read any article in the press about Apple without seeing the obligatory descriptor "Beleaguered." They were in poor shape, their product lineup was a spaghetti-mess of seemingly dozens of models, some only differing by what software was included. For someone who knew nothing of the platform, this made for a steep learning curve. Finding any direct comparison of how a particular Mac compared spec-wise to its PC counterpart was, well, difficult at best. I researched and finally decided to take the plunge. (and a leap of faith that Apple wouldn't go out of business!)

I went to the CDW outlet store in Vernon Hills Illinois and bought a PowerMac 6500 300 and a new 17" Magnavox monitor to go with it. Spent damn near $3000 that day, but I was hooked... though it took me about a month to settle in and quit running back to my PC. Once I realized my 486 was sitting in disuse, I wiped it and moved my BBS to it and haven't looked back since!

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