EA Founder Declares Apple Decline Inevitable



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how does this guy's brain fart merit a blog entry? call me when he has something worthwhile to say. better yet ... don't



I've been involved with computers since 1972, and I've seen companies come and go, and I don't suppose Apple will be any different...

I agree with this bloke's contention regarding flash and their closed system...

I also reckon that Lion is Apple's "Vista moment" and that though Bill Gates retired, Jobs might expire... to similar effect for their respective companies.

That is not to say that any of them will ever be bankrupt... They just won't be like giant's straddling the globe.



This guy is a moron, straight and true. EA is doing the same thing. If you play The Sims 3 at all, and upgraded to Lion, you know what I am talking about. They knew about Lion months in advance, could have tested it (hell, it didn't take long to figure it out), and released a patch for it in a reasonable amount of time even before Lion came out. EA's stance: "Its not our problem". (Ref: tiny url.com/ 3oy5d43 [remove spaces]) Right now, 35 pages of people having an issue, and EA is still silent.

So, the fact that an (former) EA Representative has anything to say about the computer industry matters about as much as some lint from the dryer.



During the 1930s, there were people who advocated closing the U.S. Patent Office because they assumed that everything that could be invented, had been invented. Someday, Apple will experience a decline, but then, the sun will burn out someday, too.



Oh also i predict the inevitable fall of EA in the next year!!! Wait a sec... ...Bloomberg, CNN Money, and every other marketNews has already marked there stock a sell!!!



Another report by an Apple hater! MacLife you really need a new reporter!!!

As for EA they are falling as there are better DEVs then them now on iOS!



Hey trip. Shut the f### up you c##t. You cost be good money on the 3DO. I won't forget. Ever. Tw#t.



Reminds me of those TV preachers that keep saying the end is neigh. Eventually they'll be right.



makes me remember the appleTV rumors about one coming soon lol!

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