EFF: Apple Owns Your Apps (and Maybe Your Soul?)



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"apple is worse than M$ could ever be"
that's a joke right? oops, sorry, of course it's a joke.
well, it's either a joke or your history is rather shaky.
us people? you ms fanbois are in denial. have been for years.
really ol boy, if you want to be a troll you'll need to do much better than the old and tired (and untrue) paying through the nose bit. i mean, that's all you have? that and some vague reference about ms and what it puts in agreements? oh dear. please refer to the shaky history part above. go off and do a bit of research and get back to us.
ok pumpkin?



why is it that apple fans put up with this crap from apple. people call M$ a monopoly but really apple is worse than M$ could ever be. what if M$ had put this in there developer agreement... apple fanbois would be jumping on the bandwagon to criticize. but since it comes from Steve jobs (whom you think can do no wrong) you just eat it and ask for another, all the while paying out of the nose for the products.

i jut dont understand you people



Be quiet. Microsoft is evil. It's in my username (if you know what I mean).

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