End of the Line for OS X Lion? It's Gone From the Mac App Store



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Perhaps a bit more concerning than Lion disappearing is that Snow Leopard is no longer available from the online Apple Store. My MacBook is capable of running Mountain Lion, but without Snow Leopard there is no upgrade at all. I've been waiting for a while to upgrade and decided that when Mountain Lion came out I would do it.
I'm hoping that the disappearance of these older versions is going to be temporary, perhaps just in an effort to prioritize server resources during the launch.



I own an early 2008 Macbook running Snow Leopard. I started reading about Mountain Lion a couple weeks ago and I found that it is incompatible with my machine. I can live with that and it just motivated me to upgrade to Lion, since that will be the last OS my machine can handle and I want support for as long as possible. Lion was $30 and I saw that Mountain Lion was going to be $20. I thought maybe I would wait until Mountain Lion came out and maybe they would discount Lion. I wasn't in a hurry to upgrade so it was worth a shot. Imagine my surprise this morning when Lion was nowhere to be found! As far as I know this is the first time that it is officially impossible to upgrade to an OS that is one version old. What am I to do?



Apple also sold an upgrade disc for that. Maybe you could find one at an Apple store or ebay. Also, do you have a friend that kept the installer for Lion?

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