Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Video from The Princess Bride Game



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Art photographer Shawn Burnett reluctantly agrees to move to a rural farmhouse to help his wife, Helen, recover from the loss of their stillborn baby. At first skeptical of a local legend regarding the property’s past, Shawn soon becomes convinced that the farm is haunted. As Helen recovers from her grief and again becomes pregnant, Shawn keeps the strange occurrences to himself to avoid disrupting her emotional balance. Misinterpreting Shawn’s suggestion to move as a selfish desire to return to the city, Helen becomes estranged from her on-edge husband, as the ghostly presence manifests itself in increasingly terrifying ways.
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You forgot to mention that the Mac version is coming soon. I can't download it and i just bought it.



On my PC the vid does not play and i tried every single browser(Explorer,Firefox,AT&T/Yahoo and Safari). I wonder whats wrong the website or my PC??????


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