Facebook CEO Takes A Swing At The iPhone



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Zuckerberg was singling out the iPhone and creating the impression that short battery life was a problem saved only for the iPhone. It's a draw back of all batteries. But lets hold judgement until we see the iPhone 4 and how it makes better use of the A4 chip.

I live in Dallas and I have never had a dropped call... ever. Just traveled to Missouri, Washington State, California and Chicago. Not one dropped call their either. Was in New York last year, not one problem making calls. SOrry you are having issues, but that doesn't hold true for everyone.

WHy don't you and Zuckerberg go by a Droid.



A. The iPhone obviously has some great merits. I absolutely love mine.
B. The battery life on it (and other smartphones) is atrocious.
C. Of all the wonderful things it does, being a telephone is probably the worst. Making phone calls on my iPhone has sucked for two years. I guess I'm lucky that I hate talking on the phone.

I don't like Zuckerberg at all; but he is completely right.



Mark is just pissed because once FarmVille comes to the iPhone and iPad Facebook will begin its descent into oblivion. Hey Mark, Facebook sucks.

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