FaceTime Official Release Hits Mac App Store -- For A Price



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Roberto Baldwin

I'm happy to pay 99¢ to hassle my wife at work with FaceTime from my Mac.


Paul Curthoys

I'm pretty shocked they're charging for this, yeah--in the past, it totally would've been free. Makes me wonder what they're up to--is it as simple as just trying to make more cash? Foil-hat time!



Yeah, .99¢. That is *totally* beyond the pale. Who do they think they are, the fascists? The end is totally effing nigh, this is UNACCEPTABLE. UNACCEPTABLE, I say.



That's odd that they would charge for something like that, especially since most of us on our Macs don't even have the HD capability yet. Plus why wasn't this just another added feature iChat? Why do I want 2 programs for chatting for my friends via video. Yes one's for instant messaging mostly but video chat is a big part of iChat. Plus iChat's video chat supports sharing images, conferencing, and presentations!



Because Facetime lets you chat iPhone to iPhone or Mac to iPhone and there is no iChat only AIM on iPhone with no video capabilities. .99 cents is not a bad deal IMHO.



This is a damn rip off!!!!! How is something free at first and then u charge me now. What's next u charging me to use it on my iPhone & iPod touch. Ok people apple is get crazy now.



hmmn. That stinks its .99 cents, but can you still use the beta or that is null and void?

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