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I don't have a problem with the MAS.

There is nothing stopping someone from setting up a Mac software repository of their own and letting folks add their software (or links to it) there.

I will have a serious problem if I have to start jail-braking a desktop or laptop system just to get software that Apple doesn't approve of (for whatever reason).



Apparently, you missed the link at support dot apple dot com slash downloads. While it doesn't cover 3rd-party apps, it does point to Apple's updates somewhere else other than the MAS. BTW, I agree that this only get stuff via MAS is going in the wrong direction.



The App store is a great thing for your average (non-technical) customer. no more wondering if this app is ok to download, no talking gramma through mounting the .dmg and running the installer. your average user doesn't understand the concept of a disk img/iso .. no more serial numbers to remember or keep track of... AND it gives a very inexpensive way for devs who can't afford their own hosting/marketing.. lowers the point of entry for developers. I've found a ton of useful utilities on the app store, that I might not have found if i had to hunt around.. definitely would have given pause before entering my CC number on some radom site ive never seen for software from some vendor I've never heard of. single shop means my CC isn't sent all over the net, and the apps have been vetted.. so at worst they suck.. but they only cost a couple bucks in the first place.

the benefits outweigh the cons.



I say Fooey to the Mac App Store You will Just Loose My 25 Year Business, Just as BAD as the Creepy Ipod Ipad App Store set-up. Zig-Heil OBey the BOSS, Big Brother is Watching Every Move.



I agree...

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