For Fat-Fingered You -- A Physical iPhone Keyboard



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i personally would have made more of a "side kick" like extension... something that the phone slide down into and then the keyboard could flip down from behind the fact... if it detected the accelerometer from the phone than it could have alternate key-faces illuminated depending on placement...and honestly... that would be worth 30 bux.i would have never made a keyboard that covers the damn screen... that's just dumb.they should build in a detection setting for these types of devices to keep the virtual keyboard from popping up... saving you more screen realastate... that would be worth money.i bought a phone with a big ass screen... so i could see what it has to offer... not so i could cover it up.



Whoever created this didn't "get it". The Apple keyboard can reorient depending on how you hold the device, the keys can quickly change to show symbols or other characters, in other words - it's versatile. This device was made for people who used a blackberry and thought the idea of static, chicklet keyboards are actually a better solution. It's not. This is a big step backwards. Apple could have put one of these keyboards on their devices but knew that this wasn't as good of a solution. I would much prefer a bigger sized full stroke bluetooth keyboard that would work with the iPhone or iTouch. Now that would be worth it.



what about numbers?

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