FCC: 'We Will Act' on Complaints Filed in AT&T FaceTime Fiasco



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Data is data and all plans should be able to use FaceTime as it only uses data and doesn't cost AT&T anything either. As AT&T just stated, it's a feature on the OS so let everyone use that feature and stop trying to push them into a shared plan that no one wants!

I agree that the government needs to act when GREEDY corporations like AT&T try and take advantage of consumers by twisting the facts to up there profits by forcing consumers into a more costly plan that most don't want or need.



when your a business owner you will understand GOV. is the worst thing! Every time you make a decision on how to run your business some customer gets the bright idea to get the GOV. involved because they disagree... Every decision you make is wrong because someone somewhere thinks its unfair!



The FCC is in bed with the Telco's come on people wake up. How do you think they stifle us and keep us uninformed? We are like 29th in the world for internet. That should say it all.

ATT or DEATHSTAR along with the other minions give Unspeakable amount$ of Loot to the GOV..... Oh and by the way they use prison labor and help fund corporatis prison systems. We do have more people in prison than any other nation.... But all the wrong ones. Haven't checked but is any of the Banksters in jail for ripping us off?

Please people wake up and relies that the head of the FCC is just another Puppet master!!!



To the Gov: please get your hands out of business! this is supposed to be a free market (its Anything but)

If consumers don't like the service then there are other choices!



The government unfortunately must regulate business because otherwise greedy corporations would take advantage of customers. The perfect example is how ATT promised us unlimited data with the release of the iPhone and slowly taken that from us.



Only in the case of monopolies! There should be choice if theres a free market. also we have a Greedy run Gov.
3. Data should cost per, as it was never thought to become this big.

only in china do we see MARKET principles anymore. This is why they have the edge in the world economy... ask a Chinese what happened in '08 or '09 and they will most likely say nothing!



There is no free market. Businesses take advantage of corporate tax breaks, tariffs on imports, government subsidies, etc. Businesses mention the term "free market" when it suits them, but ignore all of the corporate welfare they take advantage of when the term "regulation" is mentioned. Businesses want it both ways. They want government handouts and protections while not being regulated in anyway. If businesses would act fairly and honestly, there would be no need for any regulation. Unfortunately, businesses have historically shown that they can't and won't act responsibly to the stake holders, only the shareholders.

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