Firefox 4 May Cut PowerPC Support



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I still use my Powerbook G4 and I also have a PIII laptop from 10 years ago running Windows XP, and the latest Firefox beta supports it. It really p's me off each time OSX says "sorry, you need ten-point-next-version to keep using this, and oh by the way YouTube doesn't work now either, so long too bad. Throwing out old computers just to keep up with trends is irresponsible. Forcing obsolescence on your customers is BS.



The good thing is that change for the better is good. The bad thing is that with the way the economy is right now. A lots of people are not in the position to buy a new Intel based Mac unless it is bought from or

I use Firefox MOST of the times. I hardly used Safari til the lastest version came out and it was so much better. I've gotten used to the Firefox to a point that I got a system is like a daily routine for me on a daily basis.

My Mac computer is LAST VERSION of the G4 PowerPC just before the G5 version came out. I got it maxed out on rams and everything and still going great. Got the CS4 Master Suite on it.

To me that is like forcing people to spend money that is not in the budget at this point. So what the freaking point are you saying? Sounds like a bunch of dumb azz techs.

Right now I'm not in agreement with what you guys are saying. If the recession never happened, hell yeah I would have already bought an Intel-based Mac just about now. Since I got laid off in 2008 when I was saving to get a Mac Pro in 2009, I have to shelved the whole game plan til I get another job. Guess what? Still unemployed.



Yes the PowerPCs are a few years old now, we should throw all the millions of them in the garbage and all buy new 12 core Mac Pros.

Why is it that on the Windows side software developers are still supporting XP but on the Mac side we are already going 10.6 only? And I don't know this for fact but I would bet that Firefox still supports older Windows boxes.

Personally I couldn't care less, OmniWeb and Camino are all the browsers I need. It's the rush to obsolete everything in the Mac world that is annoying, not all of us can afford new hardware & software every few years.



PowerPCs are outdated. All Macs are now Intel-based. It doesn't seem unusual for Firefox 4 to cut support from an outdated model.

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