First Look: 11.6-inch, 1.4GHz MacBook Air



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I'd love the 13" MBA to be good enough to replace my '07 MacBook Pro. Really. My MacBook Pro is heavy, runs REALLY hot, has a 1.5 hour battery life and is clunky. "But" it works perfect and does a great job as my accounting, desktop publishing, drawing, emailing, running my business computer.

So Susie, I'll trust you to tell me if the MacBook Air (13) is up to the challenge against my MacBook Pro. (And should it get the 4Meg upgrade?). Don't forget to test Photoshop, InDesign and heavy programs like that.

Bummer on the lack of a backlit keyboard.


Dora Poppitt

I don't know why they left out one of the best features! That's a deal breaker for me....



How about you guys do a Benchmark or run cpu heavy programs?
Sure start up and opening apps are fine n all, but if i put an ssd into the macbook pro the macbook air will probably lose any advantage it had



Could you guys also test how hot it runs? I remember there were some "heat problems" with the previous MBAs.



the new macbook air is nice and slim



I have two questions.

First, will you be doing a review of the 13.3 inch Macbook Air as well? I assume a lot of the information will be the same. While I don't plan on picking up the 11 inch model, the 13.3 is certainly in my sights, and it'd be great to read more about that model before I empty my wallet.

Second, you mentioned the Macbook Air can hook-up to Apple's 27 inch Cinema display and power it nicely while in closed-lid mode. Any reason to think it wouldn't perform equally well when hooked-up to Apple's 30 inch Cinema display?




Does it have an IR port? The Apple Remote is not listed as an option so I'm afraid not... but I couldn't find confirmation anywhere.

A real pity, because it would be a great machine for Keynote presentations... :-(



How about a vid showing how fast it starts up (from a powered down state).


Susie Ochs

Startup and all the other specs will be tested starting tomorrow. I'll do my best to post a video of the impressive startup time before the full review is finished, so you shouldn't have to wait too much longer. 

Thanks for watching!

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