First Look: QuickBooks for Mac 2012, Accounting Software for Small Businesses



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I'm not so sure that Mac users are going to be so quick to embrace QuickBooks this time around. From my point of view, it seems like Intuit has burned their last bridges with Mac users. And it sounds like QuickBooks 2012 for Mac has only caught up to QuickBooks 1995 for Windows.

Plus, QuickBooks for Mac can't hold a candle to AccountEdge, which many users think is the best accounting package for the Mac.

Anybody who believes that Intuit cares about the Mac platform hasn’t been paying attention to how Intuit has treated all their loyal Quicken customers of over 20 years. Intuit is really a bad company that makes bad products and has bad customer service (straight to you from India)! More on Intuit's treatment of Quicken users at

I personally wouldn’t give Intuit one more penny of my money if my life depended on it. (Haha… okay, well maybe if my life depended on it, but that would be the only chance that Intuit would have of seeing my money!)

Even after all these years, QuickBooks 2012 still doesn’t offer multi-currency support, payroll support on the Mac, the ability to create purchase orders from estimates/invoices, online billpay, the ability to lock transactions before sending them to your accountant, parity with the Windows products, cross-platform file compatibility, and much much more. I'm just scratching the surface here.

Personally, I will only support GREAT COMPANIES that make GREAT PRODUCTS and WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT THE MAC… such as AccountEdge (for business accounting) and iBank (for personal finances).

Sure, AccountEdge and iBank both have their problems too, but at least they CARE about their Mac customers and WANT to continually make the best products for Mac users. Personally, I will be using AccountEdge and iBank from now on.

Intuit has shown their true colors, and they deserve to be abandoned by all Mac users.



I certainly hope they offer a cheaper version for those of us upgrading - I have always used QB in Windows - I am excited to see something on the Mac side finally - and hopefully better than Quicken for Mac.

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