First One’s Free: “Freemium” Games Lucrative for Mobile Developers



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I disagree - it's actually a way to artificially inflate the price of games, and I think it's irritating as hell; in the days of level or time limited demos, at least what was presented was feature complete. Add up how much money you've spent to get a 'complete' version of a lot of freemium titles compared to what the average game costs outright and you'll quickly see that you are being gouged. I am really tired of crippled games and would love the option to pay a one time price with freemium titles instead of being nickled and dimed to death.



@Jamie This wasn't saying that Freemium games were good for consumers. It is saying they are good for the developers, who make money from them...



What's interesting is the changing tone of the freemium business model. It used to be all about paying to avoid restrictions, limits, or blandness. Now developers are just putting out decent to good products, and you can pay to "sweeten" them. I think this is better for both developers and consumers since the developers can focus on a single product instead of "lite" and "full" while the consumers get products that start out being great for free.

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