Five Million iPhone 5 Units Sold in Just Three Days



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Go figure, investors said Apple missed on sales. Even though Apple blew past over a million more than last years iPhone 4S.
I would like to know of any other company that has sold more in any shorter period of time?
How is that a disappointment?
How is 2 plus million pre-orders sold out in less than 24 hours a disappointment?
Investors are really out of touch with reality in so many ways but with Apple they always push it to another level that is impossible to reach.
Then they come out with there boneheaded announcements that this was a disappointment and start smashing Apple's stock.
Yet Google's keeps growing up to 748, WHY?
Has Android ever sold that many phones in a new product announcement in 3 days?
Why is Google being rewarded for nothing and Apple is being punished for NOTHING!!!!



I really don't understand what all the hype is !!! I mean first of all, I AM a DIEHARD Apple geek. I've got all the good stuff minus the new phone. And Im usually quick on upgrading first on whatever new toys that come out of Cappurtino's factory. But C'mon this isn't really all that of a NEW PHONE!! You think it is really!!?? Im really disappointed. I don't think I'm alone on this. I was already upset once when they only upgraded to the "S" version last year, but to have to wait 12 more months for what, .3" of more screen realestate, a newer chip that makes it a little bit faster, and everything else I got on my 4S when updating to the new IOS. Is there anyone else in agreement that this "new phone" us anything but!!??



A fair point, but: what WOULD you want? I ask that earnestly. I mean sure, I would like Apple to suddenly come on stage and present a new iPhone that folds my laundry, but that's not going to happen. Most tech is little steps, upgrades; the iPhone 5 is no different.

What kind of innovations would you like to see?



I see your point. But aren't most technological advances supposed to set standards and not follow them?
I guess I was just expecting a little bit more than what's been produced, I would've MOST DEFINITELY like to have seen a little bit more width physically along with the extra length. And maybe some newer features like what's on the iPad; a rotating home screen so the icons sit in landscape, etc. But mostly I would have preferred the screen to be at least 4.5". I guess this is what I'm most disappointed of. I still love my 4S and ill be satisfied untill Apple comes with something new again in 2013, or at least untill I can't hold out anymore on just settling for something new... We'll see.



Has there ever been a better selling product in such a short period in history? I'm curious if there is.

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