Florida Is Trashing Macs



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How sad. :-( I would be more than happy to take those Macs off their hands, I have every version of the OS since OS 7.5



Why don't they put these computers on Ebay , make a little money for the school ? Or maybe some charity could afford to put an OS on them for people who normally couldn't afford one. God forbid maybe even a free LINIX OS . I gave my old bondi blue iMac to a friend and installed Yellow Dog OS I had bought on Ebay for $5 and it's still kickin' . GEO.



I really would like to think that if someone contacted Apple, they might be willing to allow a base install of an older version of OS X on these systems- enough to make them useable.

Whatever happens, don't show this site/article to any Low End Mac columnists- ;)

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