Forget Ad-free Reading, iAds May Appear in iBooks



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Apple cannot put ads in iBooks. That would be one of the worst mistakes they could do.



If this comes to fruition, it will most likely be for magazine subscriptions rather than books. It makes no sense to use iads for regular books unless you are planning to sell them for free (or near free). That isn't such a bad idea, though. If you had to choose between a full price book and a subsidized book at a steep discount, I'd prefer the subsidized book as long as the ads don't get in the way.

However, going back to my initial point, this is more than likely for magazine publishers who want to have relevant ads to the content being displayed. After all, the ads can be more dynamic and localized for a national publication if apple is doing the grunt work.

Sorry, I don't see how iAd is a bad thing if it is sensitive to privacy (certainly more than Google) and offers content at a reduced cost for the consumer. I subscribe to cable and still get ads yet none of the publishers are reducing the cost of my bill--if I can get a $25 book for $4.99 or less, I'm happy.



Look, I don't see how eBooks are cheaper than hard copy books. In theory, given the cheaper distribution model, they should be. Furthermore, if I PAY for a book I want a book, not ads. If I got a book from Google that was "free", it would be reasonable to expect some ads. I don't care if the ad is "unobtrusive". If this happens, and I start seeing crap like that in my books, I will cease purchasing eBooks and I hope many others would too. Apple would be WRONG on this one.

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