Forget The iPhone: The iPod touch Is Where It’s At



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I know this may seem obvious, but the iPod Touch is lacking one other thing that is more serious than you realize: A Microphone. While it's obvious why Apple wouldn't want to tread on AT&T's waters by adding it, I'm sure there's plenty of iPhone users, sick of AT&T's idiotic dictatorship and mishandling, who'd gladly drop that in place of something that, while dependent on wi-fi, would be a lot more reliable than the iPhone is. (Plus, how are you going to get sound for your video, or use certain apps for music recognition or that utilize voice control, assuming there's any of the latter?)

As for me, I need two things to change: Prices to fall and storage to increase. I love the interface and would love to own one, but I don't want or need two or three iPods, and the biggest problem and dislike I have comes from the limited amount of Flash Memory available to it - 64 Gigs is not enough. While adding a hard drive would effectively neuter many of the Touch's features (after all, how many people are going to want to shake their device knowing that doing so would possibly damage or ruin it?), an HD-and-Flash-based machine, or one with some sort of Flash upgradability (an SD or CF slot, perhaps?) done at a reasonable price would be some really good alternative, but for now I'll stick to my current solution: waiting. (After all, it's free, viable, and reliable - there's no way the iPod Touch won't see future upgrades with the success it is having, and eventually time will catch up to my needs, even if my needs eventually change. Patience is often the best medicine for technology.)



That's what I'm waiting for before I purchase one, now if it only has the one on the back, it's not going to be of much use to me but, if they at least put one on the face of the device, it's gonna be worth having, better still with the ability to rotate it between face and back of the device so it will serve dual purposes, such as making Skype calls really worthwhile on it. Not to mention the plethora of other apps sure to come that take advantage of a face sided camera, can you just imagine the social apps?!?

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