Former Apple Employees Shed Light On Life At Cupertino



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Apple employees are treated this way because Apple knows that people will do anything to get a job there. I get the feeling from people I've met that work there that they feel its a privilege to be a part of the Apple revolution. Its absolutely amazing to me what Apple has been able to foster in its worker; not to mention their crazy fans who will stand in line for a day just so they can attend the opening of a new store (that looks just all the other ones!) so they can get a free t-shirt!

If Apple actually had a competitor in their space, I can guarantee you Jobs would be giving out free PB&J to all his minions!



PB&J for $0.25... sign me up!!




I think she trying to make the connection that the former Apple employees are stealing. Which is baseless and silly.



How is your statement/comment related to this article?



Someone will always find a way to scam individuals if there is a way to. Apple apps are no exception, numerous individuals with an iTunes account have lost anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The proof is here: Scammers use Apple App Store hack to steal money, boost rankings. The biggest problem is that people will always discover solutions to hack into programs, and with our world becoming more technologically advances, we are putting more personal data into cyber space for any person with the ability to steel it. No doubt these hackers will never need a payday advance with how much cash they're getting from individuals, and sadly they're generally outside the country making it harder to track and prosecute them.

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