Four Augmented Reality Apps You Actually Want on Your iPhone



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Yelp doesn't have very good reviews. Are you sure it is better than Acrossair? I agree that the way Acrossair presents results is a little odd, but I would rather have the better one.ȃȃ



How about augmented reality games? SpecTrek (prize winner in ADC2) is now also available on the iPhone!
A simple game description can be found on


Ambika Subramony

Hi Thomas,

You're right, I should have at least mentioned Theodlite. I chose Spyglass because it has a few more features (the astronomy ones, for instance) for two dollars less (Theodlite is $1.99 for the basic version, 3.99 for the pro version), and struck me as cleaner looking. But it is certainly a worthy competitor.



How in the heck did you miss Theodolite? It's one of the most respected AR apps out there:

Well worth the money. I have a hard time understanding why you recommended Spyglass instead.

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