Free WATCH ABC App Will Stream Oscars Live, But Only for Subscribers



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Many of the icon choices on AppleTV you have to have cable subscription in order to use them. This is why Comcast must never be able to acquire Time Warner TV.



While the catches on this are clearly not great, this is still a step toward a better customer experience.
The dream is TV/Video content in an "unbundled" a-la-carte fashion. I pick and pay for the 19 channels that I want and nothing else.
Hopefully, the networks can keep their existing business model and add a model that allows this to happen.
Most people have a set top box (Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, etc) that could replace/supplement their cable box. Add in PC's, Tablets, and Phones and anybody who wants it can get it.
Every station should be SELLING a premium version of their experience. No commercials, behind the scenes content, etc.
Major League Baseball has a great version of what this could be already.

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