Friday Recap: LTE iPhone Bad for AT&T, Atari's Greatest Hits Free, NextWorth Extension



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The Verge comes up with some of the funniest statements ever! i have for developer purposes 3 iPhones, and this week I've been in DC. Here is my results:

Sprint: Had a slow connection most of the day, voice calls were really poor (although i was feed up with the quality i never used it after the first day)

Verizon: Fast connection but Connections kept dropping frequently (never got more then 74MB without dropping), Voice was good but i had 1 dropped call.

AT&T: Was able to download 1GB* files off the network at a nice 4G (3.5G) speed, Voice was a little bit on the fluctuating side but...


Bottom Line: Im a big data user Verizon is very unreliable for my business, AT&T has speed and reliability!

*Yes i do pay for more then 20GB a month (on the business iPhone)

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