Friday Recap: The New iPhones Are Here! The New iPhones Are Here! (And Other Stuff)



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Let the early adopter buyers beware, Murphy's law has the iPhone in it's sights (well, if you're committed to AT&T).

I will say I was an early adopter 16 months ago and did not have a problem with my first iPhone, the 3GS. This time around, I have decided to wait (whether it be because I enjoy not currently being under an AT&T contract or I have developed a bad case of patience). I will say that I did notice various issues with the iTunes Store today, specifically Home Sharing and accessing my iTunes account. The issues resolved themselves after about 1 hour.

Lesson to be learned: Not only was AT&T experiencing issues, but Apple (servers) appeared to be having some pains as well.

2nd lesson to be learned: If you're an early adopter, get to the store early and bring plenty of patience.

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