Future iPhone OS Devices Suggested in Apple Job Posting



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software for tennis Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! 



I enjoyed reading it. Are these genuine images or has the artwork been touched up they are truly. Thanks for sharing a nice info.
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Judging by the rumours, there is going to be a new phone announced - maybe even 3? but if you get the current phone you'll still get all the features of 3.0
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I really hope the iPhone OS doesn't go much further. I think the iPad had so much potential, but all it is is a glorified iPod touch with iWork and iBooks. I mean I was really hoping for basically a Macbook Air/iPod touch mix where the iPad had USB ports or something similar.

Now don't get me wrong, the iPhone OS is amazing, but it was built for the iPhone and iPod touch. Why try to extend that to everything else? I say each class of product should have it's own OS. The computers have OS X, the iPhone/iPod touch has the iPhone OS, the iPad SHOULD have an iPad OS, and whatever comes out next should have it's own OS



I seriously hope it does NOT make it to the Mini, that would be a MAJOR STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION for the Mini! I can conceive it making it to the TV or even a new as of yet announced device but, NOT the Mini or even iMac or Macbook Pro. The Macbook/Macbook Air maybe, then they would have to reconfigure the iPhone O/S to support things it's not able to do at this point, such as read from a DVD player, (for the base Macbook at least). Maybe the AppleTV but I doubt it, since the AppleTV can't do Touch at all, unless the redesign the remote or include the iPod Touch with it in the future.

It could be possible that they intend to replace the entire keyboard with this operating system though, if they do, I'll quit using their keyboards altogether. As a touch typist with a high wpm rate, it would be impossible for it to work for me and others who'll likely not be able to use it either who can type much faster than I can. Though it could ideally be used to replace a simple remote using Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth to control other devices. This would go a long ways for the AppleTV, being able to control it from longer distances and give users much more functionality at the same time, plus provide a way to upgrade the remote as well. Imagine an App on a "remote" that can convert the AppleTV to a gaming machine providing the AppleTV with a controller, though still I don't see how it would work fast enough for most true gamers. Frag-fests would definitely take a hit!



Interesting how the OS marked will evolve the next 3-5 years. A lot of players emerging.

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