Georgia Senator Wants to Replace Textbooks with iPads



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My problem as a parent is how do you block games and certain websites from being used during school hours? These children are at school to learn. Not to Facebook and twitter.

As a college student my concern is what happens if they go to a college where having an iPad isn't allowed? Now they have to figure out how to take normal notes and highlight important things. They have to go back to the basics.



I think it is a very good idea that wasn't well thought out. First off, the parents of most of these children cannot afford an additional $500 dollars each year. I think they should pay $500 dollars for 1 Ipad 7th Grade, maybe even sooner. That should be their Ipad forever. Second, they should have the choice to pay more and get any Ipad they please, 3g or not. It is a great cost wise, and really great for the environment. Why cut down more trees, and spend tons of tax payers money on books that are destroyed year after year. Something with this much expense will be taken care of. Parents should have the option to take out insurance, something like Best Buys Black Tie Protection that they off incase of drops, breaks, spills. If they opt to not take the plan, they should be forced to buy a new Ipad, or buy their own books. Having an Ipad will also grow our children's technological awareness, and increase their hand-eye coordination. Overall a great idea, but many things have to be re-thought.



As a Georgia educator I feel this is an awful idea. First off, 500 dollars per kid PER year? That's an additional $6,000 dollars for a kids 12 year education that has to come from somewhere. And as it is now parents don't pay for their kids education in public schools. It's included in taxes so where is this additional money going to come from? You got it. More of the tax payers money. Books are about $40 a year you say? This may be true but something you don't know is most books are reused for several years often on a four year subject rotation and not every kid even gets a book! Most have to share and we just have to hope for the best.

The technology is just too new to be putting it in class rooms. It was several years before we could get working in class laptops and even then they were terribly out of date.

How will you prevent the students from playing Angry Birds? Or watching Youtube, where there is restrictions that you can place on an iPad, there's always a way around it. Which any kid determined enough will do just that.

I'm all for technology in the class room, but this is a terrible idea.



Now this is a good idea!

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