University Reports That Glossy Screens May Be Harmful



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Not to worry, apple will come out with matt finish sun glasses.



Never had a problem with the glossy screen. Of course I'm used to the 1st gen. PSP that you can only use indoors with no lights on. So the macbook screen is a big upgrade! I just wouldn't sit outside on a sunny morning with your back facing east when you open your macbook lid.


James Pal

I really preferred the mat finished Screens i love my mat screened macbook Pro that i got right before they updated them to the new uni-body design. and i'm glad i did get it when i did or else i would be staring at a super glossy screen that is horrible out side almost like a mirror.



is it really too much to ask to have an op to give a matt finish on your eye balls?



Personally, I prefer wearing some fly shades when I'm using my glossy MacBook. I know everybody's jealous when they see how well my bug-eyed Target shades protect me from the death ray reflecting off of my shiny laptop.

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