GM Eyeballing Tim Cook To Fill CEO Role?



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This would be the end of GM. For the last 30 plus years GM has been run by bean counters. They have been firing people and closing factories. The last thing they need is a person that would do the same thing.What they need is an auto engineer running the company. Someone that can help the company build cars that the public needs and wants. They need to build a lot more cars that are excellent. This has been written about in auto magazines for many years but GM still has not gotten the message at all. What they have been doing up until recently is building a poor car. Then they spend millions on it to make it a good car. But once it is a good car then they discontinue it.Judging by the following excerpt from Wikipedia, if they are looking to hire Tim Cook as CEO then they will never understand how to build more and more cars, just less and less until they are no longer in business."Cook grew up in Robertsdale, Alabama. His father was a shipyard worker, while his mother was a homemaker. Cook earned B.S. in industrial engineering from Auburn University in 1982,[2] and his M.B.A. from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in 1988.[3][edit]CareerBefore joining Apple, he spent six months at Compaq as the VP for Corporate Materials before he was hired by Steve Jobs. Prior to that, Cook served as the COO of the computer reseller division of Intelligent Electronics and spent twelve years in IBM's personal computer business as the director of North American Fulfillment.Cook is credited with pulling Apple out of manufacturing by closing factories and warehouses around the world. This helped the company reduce inventory levels and streamline its supply chain, dramatically increasing margins.[4]."

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