Going to Upgrade? NextWorth is Offering $250 for Your AT&T iPhone 4



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Mr. Happypants

An update:

Finally sent the 3G off to Nextworth a week ago, got an email this weekend saying that since it has a 1/2" "crack in the back of the case" they're reducing the buy-back price. (Not by much, $7.) That's a TOTAL fabrication, the phone was case-kept the whole time & I cleaned and examined it carefully before packing with TONS of bubble-wrap and padding and shipping properly. It had no flaws, and I even sent it back in the original box, manual included.

Anybody who happens to stumble on this article do NOT use these scammers, now I see there are MANY complaints of them doing this & worse to people. We'll take the hit, but I'm lodging a complaint with Target also since they're the ones issuing the gift card for the value of the phone.


Mr. Happypants

Not sure I want to upgrade from my iPhone 4 yet, but they're offering almost $80 for my Wife's 16GB 3G model which is decent enough. That thing is getting SO slow it's almost a brick.

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