Google: Apple and Co. Waging Organized Campaign Against Android



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hmm the ITC seem to say your lying (or mr. rip-off) oh btw i thought i should point out its another anti-apple report by Adrian. that makes 7 now in the past month right?



Let me get this straight. Schmidt sits on Apples board of directors, steals Apple's ideas and innovations, repackages it as Android and now Google has the nerve to criticize Apple because they want to legally protect themselves?!?!

Sounds more like Google is a bunch of cry babies



Techcrunch has a follow up on this. Apparently MS asked Google to bid with it first. For some reason this won't let me share the link.



"Instead of competing by building new features or devices, they are fighting through litigation," Drummond stated.

This could be better translated as, "Instead of building new features and devices (innovating) for us to rip off and integrate into our products, they are fighting to protect their intellectual property through litigation which makes it harder for us to compete."

Perhaps if Google did some innovating instead of copying others, this wouldn't be an issue.



Maybe Google should have thought of this before they blatantly & illegally ripped off the iPhone.

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