Google Earth 3D vs. iOS 6 Maps



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Well, seeing that you wear glasses, I can assure you of the pics you posted, the one on the left has richer and cleaner looks.

Comparing 3D maps is one thing, but "outside" of that, to compare Apple's maps (which isn't even out yet til ios6) to Google Earth is just plain wrong and misleading. You should then compare Apple Maps to Google Maps! Which has been and seamlessly integrated into Navigation, and etc. throughout the Android OS...for a few years now, as I'm sure you know. Majel is SO much more pleasant to listen to than Siri. Even the measurement tool hardly anyone even knows about...where you can check elevations and distances, not to mention offline map cacheing. I just downloaded huge maps of Yosemite and Southern Yosemite, so even without a signal I can use my maps. Even my buddy who is an avid apple user says Google Maps is the best. Apple is playing catch up and I think its great they will have their own solution...soon.



Well, the whole point of the story was to compare the 3D mapping function. You're absolutely right that iOS 6 isn't out yet -- but the beta is. I don't think it's "wrong or misleading" to compare the current state of Flyover to Google Earth 3D.

And yes, Google Maps has plenty of comparable functionality to Maps. But those functions exist within a different app from Google Earth, devoid of 3D mapping. That said, I think you're right that Google Maps is a great app, and I'm quite sure Apple and Google will continue to trade jabs with improvements as time goes on. Actually, I think that competition is a great thing. 

Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your opinion!

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