Google Enables Multiple Account Sign-In for Gmail Users



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does it work with google apps?



Did you read the details? It looks like you gain online but lose offline, and maybe some mail in the process if you are not careful. What is their motivation for disabling off-line? Ad revenue? It seems you should do more than simply say something is possible, especially if there are significant tradeoffs and possibly significant consequences.

There appears to be limited functionality and confusion when switching to other apps.

You have to sign off on these warnings first:
-The account you’re currently using is displayed at the top of most Google product pages, or at the bottom of most pages on mobile devices. Always check to make sure you’re using the account you want.

-Not all Google products support multiple sign-in. When switching between Google products, the account you’re currently using may change.

-Google products not listed above will default to the first account that you signed in to using your current web browser session.

-Offline Mail and Offline Calendar will be disabled. You may lose any unsent mail. Learn more.

And then there is this at the "Learn more." link.
Enabling multiple sign-in will disable Offline products like Offline Gmail and Offline Calendar, as well as any browser bookmarks you've set to link to your accounts. If you use Offline Gmail, make sure to sync your offline mail before enabling multiple sign-in so you don't lose any messages in your outbox. If you would like to continue using Offline Gmail, Offline Calendar, and browser bookmarks linked to your accounts, do not enable the multiple sign-in option. If you have already enabled multiple sign-in, you may disable it.



I've been looking forward to this feature for a long, long time. I'm glad it's finally here!

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