Google to Gain Powerful Patents in Motorola Purchase



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No problem for Apple. Remember, Google said that using patents to shut down competitors was a bad thing. So, of course, they, claiming to be full of integrity and claiming to live by the motto "Do no evil", won't sue anyone.

Of course, that's only a slogan thought up to mask their evil intentions and signifying nothing in the real world. So, if it's evil when it's Microsoft and Apple doing it against Google, what about when the shoe is on the other foot? Surely they wouldn't prove themselves to be hypocrites and crybabies by doing the reverse to Apple and Microsoft, would they?

For those Googlites amongst us, let me explain the meaning of a few important words from the previous paragraph: A hypocrite is someone who does something after criticizing someone else for doing the same thing. A crybaby is someone who, after proving themselves a hypocrite, tries to justify their hypocrisy by whining about how "they did it first". That's not what you really want to show yourselves to be, is it?

Or is it?

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