Google Gets A 'Wake Up Call' In Regards To Patents



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What laurels? Copying Apple's best stuff isn't something to boast about as an accomplishment. Android IS based on stolen intellectual property. The whole world saw Google's pre-iPhone, Android prototype (which by the way, was a knock-off of RIM's Blackberry). Thew we all saw Google's knock-offs of the iPhone appear.

I used to respect Google. Now, I despise the company's anti-consumer, anti-privacy, pro-foreign manufacturing rip-off efforts. I'll never buy a phone from an advertising company that is out to track, capture and sell personal information. The very idea is folly. Phandroids may be getting slightly cheaper cell phones, but they'll pay a higher price in other ways.



"Jobs viewed Google's platform as a "stolen product.""??????!!!!!??????___________
_____Well... "Google platform" IS a stolen product. Stolen from the greatest company ever.

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