Google Maps Arrives for iPhone with Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation in Tow



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Adam Daieh

I love google maps more than the apple maps. Time to download it, sincee Im done jailbreaking my phone to untethered ios 6.1. I did it using this WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM



Apples Maps are really going to fall behind if they don't come up with an update of the Apple Maps app fast. There is especially glitches with the lands formation (hills building) in smaller cities in other countries besides the US. I need this update quickly or they will continue there downhill slump especially in their market shares.



Not to mention the fact that I've not had an issue with Apple Maps, and I travel and use them everyday.



and Why would i go back to something that does not work? No Yelp integration, Siri integration, no gas integration, and no lock screen!

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