Google+ May Be Growing Fast, But Is Anyone Actually Using It?



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if it's growing fast how can there be doubt that people are using it? I mean, where do they base the growth anyway, in web visits?



google+ is totally pointless!


Chatterbox Chuck

Wow, talk about strange comments. I have been on G+ almost since the beginning, not only do I follow 260 people by I am followed by 33. My stream is constantly moving. I come across tons of comments, posts, links, images all day, everyday.

It seems to me that the problem many of you here have is that you went in to G+ assuming it would be a lot like Facebook but since it's likely not everyone from facebook is on G+ this is probably why your streams are empty. What you failed to take into consideration was that G+ started as invite only and most of the people who got in first were people who were tech reviewers and such. Thru them many other people got their chance to join but most were people who also followed tech news and such. I personally don't have any of my Facebook friends on G+ either but I have made many new ones on here and have also had the pleasure of having one on one conversations with popular Internet people like Chris Pirillo (Lockernome), Veronica Velmont (Tekzilla), Pelpina Trip (, Cali Lewis ( and even Leo Laport (TWiT) and Christina Tripoli. To me this is like getting a chance to talk to movie and music celebrities.



im in canada. soooo ya.



i joined to see what the hype was about(& a bet that i would never do it because i hate developing for android)... & to my surprise it has potential!



Unlike Twitter, Google+ let you edit the posts with ease. Unlike Facebook, Google+ does not have a Google+ Connect API yet. Unlike ChatTrack, Google+ users have to do the circles by hand.



uhh... we were not talking about what it can do! we were talking about how many people use it every day.



I've been on Google+ for about a month and it's still a ghost town. I follow about as many people on Google+ as on Facebook, but there is barely any activity, even from people that are very active on Twitter and praise Google+. This service may be a non-starter if it's just going to mashup and replicate Facebook and Twitter without adding anything new and exciting. What's drawing people to Google+? As far as I can tell, the only thing going for it for some people is that "It's not Facebook". Not good enough for most people to make the switch. I think we may have another Google Buzz or Wave.



I keep meaning to get started on my profile and everything, but then when I have time to sit down and do it, I lack motivation entirely.



I haven't done a whole lot with it, to be honest. Most of my friends are not in the tech/marketing industry and therefore they haven't heard of it at all. Or, they say they've heard of it but don't really know what it is. It certainly makes it difficult to replace Facebook when a large number do not know enough to want to make the switch. I'd like to explore it further when more people that I connect with are willing to use it.



Wow. A straight line from zero to 25M for each social service. How is this useful? Do you really want to convey the idea that each service had completely linear growth? How is this better than a 2-column chart? Yes.. I know, you didn't make the graph - but you went to the effort to re-use it. Unfortunate.



I signed up immediately as well, and I did have double-digit friends, but seriously: what does it offer that distinguishes it from what's already available (don't say circles. They are prettier Facebook lists.)? Their privacy controls are even more obscure and arcane than Facebook's, and frankly, I'm not pleased with much of what Google has been up to the past number of years. I also find it ironic that free-wheeling G is the most draconian in their terms of use; this is not the same company we knew in the 90s, not by far. It hasn't been for some time. I didn't see a reason to bother. I deleted my account today.



Whew, I thought it was just me. I signed up immediately early on, but have barely used it since. I can see Google+ being used for niche groups because their features might be a better fit for many of them. But I just don't see it overtaking Facebook. Even people who complain about Facebook (and there are several valid reasons for complaining) still seem to prefer it over Google+.



Like most I have been on for few weeks have 2 friends most of my other friends are not on G+ or don't want to be and it doesn't seam easy to use I'll give it a few more weeks and see how it works or just CLX. the hole damn thing and move on...



At first, I thought I would add it to my swiss army knife of social media to help sell my books, but after a while, it just became another damn thing to log into and to check.
25 million users with nothing to say and no one to listen to them.



I've been on a few weeks, too. But, as scottrey said, it does seem to be missing something.

One of the things it's missing is the ability to Share ANY web page really simply. Facebook, for example has the ubiquitous "Like" and "Share" buttons on websites all over the place, and I have the "Share on Facebook" javascript link on my browser's toolbar, so I can quickly, easily, and immediately share any web page I'm on, whether or not it has its own Like/Share buttons.

Another thing, and surely most important, as this article alludes to, is that I only have like three friends on G+ who actually DO/share/post stuff. On Facebook, I have dozens of active friends.



I have been on it for a few weeks. I have commented once and no activity from me or my circle since July 22, yet all have done much on facebook.

It just seems to be missing something. As much as I do not like facebook at times, Google+ is just not facebook. Twitter replacement maybe, but I never was a twitter user.

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