Google Pulls The Plug On Wave Project



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i feel like google is sometimes just trying to impress people with how clever they are. Wave was interesting but almost no one ever heard of it and less had access to the beta. i signed up for an invitation and never got one. forced to wait till it was opened to the public.

i feel like they aren't giving it a chance. they need to promote it better. but google is engineering for engineers by engineers. and they don't seem to understand that not everyone on earth is an engineer. and google doesn't get 'creative types' at all.



I head of Google Wave, but I never used it.



Perfect typo! How many people are "head" of things that they never used! There is no such thing as an accident.



When are people going to realize that Google is not the innovator people think they are. It's another failure for Google and waste of investors $$$



Never heard of it? What does it do? I can't seem to figure it out from the article.
I guess it doesn't matter.



I to a test drive on wave. but then stop using it. Because all the functionality i already had using Gmail and such. the extra stuff i didn't need. and there wan't anyone else to use it with, Like i already have friends on google talk and such. I don't mind saying good bye to google wave.

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