Google TV Brings Android & Chrome to the Living Room



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I am so super stoked about Google TV! I absolutely cannot wait to try it. It sounds like the new almighty piece of technology. Who could ask for more than to be able to watch tv and surf the internet all at once on the same machine?! Not me! This tv is definitely a step above the others.

Here's an awesome infographic about what else you can add to your place to make it feel more luxurious!



apple is starting to get pissed off at googles stuff they need to listen to there ads and copy some stuff



i like google's idea for their TV device…..and i really hope that apple takes this idea and even ads some more into their Apple TV…However, i think google is beginning to step a little too far into apple territory, "almost as if they want to piss off steve jobs." But i think google is wanting to start a full out "tech war" with apple.

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