Google TV Makes Apple's Hobby Look Weak



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I'm not happy with Apple's implementation either.  They force you to stream all local media through iTunes on your computer, rather than streaming it straight from NAS.  So those of us storing media on network drives have to:

1) use twice the network bandwidth (which isn't trivial if you're wireless) to play something from our library; drive to computer and computer to set-top

2) leave our computers running in order to watch television

3) expect pixellation/buffering if we're running something intensive on our computer while we want to watch TV

That's why I haven't bought one.  I'll take an interested look at the Boxee box when it comes out.

But then... maybe it will be fixed the same way you describe for Google--through a third-party app.  Apple has forced me to jailbreak all my other iOS devices to get their full power, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the same thing happen with AppleTV.


J Keirn-Swanson

I think it's too early to say for sure how Google TV will stack up. I'm just saying that I'm not as in a hurry to get to the Apple store for my Apple TV as I was two days ago. While there will be Google TV tv sets, there is also to be a set top box which will be considerably lower priced. If Google plays this smart, they'll work with Logitech to price match Apple and make up losses on sales volume. Google could easily afford to subsidize the purchase for early adopters and I think that might make a sound business strategy. Once they diversify this out to other box makers and set makers, then they can let go of the subsidies.

As far as streaming, I'm certain there will be some kind of app created to allow you to stream content from your Mac to your TV without any problems. You can already do it to your iPhones so why wouldn't someone make an app for that, even if it is on another platform?



It does have some nice features, but I can't help noticing that the product that "makes Apple's hobby look weak" can't stream my local 1.2 terabyte music and video library to my television/theater like Apple TV.



"for right now we're holding on to that $99 that was burning a hole in our pocket to buy an Apple TV."

I guess the real difference that matters right now is that Apple TV (and Roku etc) are shipping products. The Logitech Revue with Google TV is not. The Apple TV is $99 and a Roku is $79. A new TV with Google TV will set you back hundreds of dollars.

What am I missing?

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