Google's Bookstore is Live, But How Does it Stack Up?



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The Google Books app stayed on my iPad for a few days, and then I deleted it.
It frequently hesitated between page turns, and even when I turned WiFi off by putting the iPad in 'airplane mode' it still looked like it was trying to connect to the Google servers.
But what caused me to delete the app was the totally clueless response from Google support personnel when I asked about the page turn delays.

They said older iPad and iPhone devices could cause their software to operate slowly. Really? What older versions of the iPad exist at this point?

When I pointed out that there were no 'older' versions of the iPad, they then suggested that quitting the app and restarting the app had fixed the page turn slowness for other users. Really?? That's like Microsoft support telling me to reboot my PC when Windows gets slow.

So an app that ignores most of the interface features that make the iPad such a great product combined with clueless/worthless support responses = not on my Ipad.




It'll be great if they could add textbooks as well. Much more efficient than carrying them around.

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