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Aha. They do have a system for compensating artists when their music is played, and they honor DMCA takedown requests. Still, given the massive amounts of music on there (and the number of duplicates/misspellings) I'm guessing that the majority is unauthorized and most copyright owners will find it unacceptable to need to file a takedown request for each and every copy that crops up.

More info:



At first Grooveshark appears to be a Pandora-like streaming service: they stream customize playlists with ads, or for a fee you can have an ad-free stream.

But take a second look and you see that Grooveshark gets all that music from user uploads, and pays no royalties to anyone to stream it. The onus is on users to upload only music to which they own the copyright. Naturally users have uploaded tons of copyrighted music, and hence a music label is now upset.

Here's a snippet of the Terms of Service:

Prohibited User Content includes but is not limited to content that […] consists of an illegal or unauthorized copy of a copyrighted work, such as sound recordings, musical compositions and videos in which you do not personally own the copyright (including CDs and tracks you may have purchased), or otherwise do not have the necessary authority from the copyright owner(s).



I posted a question/statement similar to the comment above on their blog and they deleted it.

Correction: It just got modded down or something, so it moved down the page.

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