Hackintosh Netbook Chart



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Imagine Engine

I'd be interested in knowing which Intel (Core 2 Duo or Atom) laptops that offer either a HD-DVD drive or Blu-Ray RW drive work with OS X. After all Netbooks don't offer a DVD drive.



The MSI Wind HackBook requires a a WiFi card swap, and the Audio does not fully work. I have to run a terminal command to switch back and forth between the internal (crappy) speakers and my headphones. So the chart is misleading. Oh, the micro phone does not work.Please Apple, make a netbook!


Roberto Baldwin

Realtek released drivers for OS X for the MSI Wind.





I have an aluminum 12" Powerbook G4 with Leopard installed, and it works great as a NetBook (runs FireFox, Office, etc.). Granted, it's not a "new" computer and the WIFI is limited to 802.11g without a USB dongle, but it's rugged and DOES NOT VIOLATE ANY EULAs.

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