Happy 5th Anniversary, iPhone: Where Were You on June 29, 2007?



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Carsten Legaard

I live in Denmark, and Denmark wasn't on the list when iPhone premiered in the U.S.A. june 2007.
I had a friend in the U.S. buying one for me and airmail it to Denmark. I had to pay extra taxes and customs, but at the time no cost seemed too high :-)

At the time there was no carrier support, so the only way to get the "revolutionary" unit up and running was a jailbreak ...!

Nine months later iPhone 1g was released in a few danish stores. A friend of mine saw one in a shop window, went inside and threw 1.200 dollars (in danish currency) at the desk. "That phone is mine, but You must do all the configuring for me," he said. And so it was.

The salesman was sorry. He had planned a purchase for himself and this iPhone was the last one in the shop for several weeks.



I love Apple and I always get the latest iPhone. I've been an iPhone user since the beginning. Five years. Wow.

But am I the only one that is a little disappointed that the home screen hasn't changed at all in five years (except for being sharper thanks to the retina display)? I remember when iOS5 came out and being disappointed that again there was no change.

I wonder if the whole merging of iOS and OSX has something to do with it. With OSX we've seen nice tweaks to the look and feel of the operating system, but we'll likely always have the 'icon on screen' model of displaying files. So the iOS model is following suit. Rounded square icons on a screen. Simple, efficient, does the job. So why am I feeling a bit bored with it?

This is a cell phone - can't Apple loosen it up a bit, think outside of the box? Every once in awhile I see someone else's cellphone (that's not an iPhone) and I'll see something funky/cool about its operating system that will make me envious. While it doesn't make want to give up my iPhone, it does make me want Apple to step it up a bit and renovate, reinnovate, reimagine what their home screen could look like. C'mon Apple. Don't get complacent.

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