Happy Snow Leopard Day!



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I freaking love it!

I started from scratch and formatted my HD for a very clean install and it didn't disappoint. It's insanely fast.. Even on my 1st Generation iMac redesign of 2007. Though I am running 4gigs of memory. But you can totally see a difference. Plus it's not buggy at all like Leopard was. I'm not saying that 10.5 was bad but I couldn't wait till 10.5.1.



Just install it on my 15" Macbook Pro Unibody, takes about an hour, give me back a lot of gigs back, before 190.24gb, after 211.2gb awesome. I like the 10.5 wallpaper than the 10.6. But overall, very good upgrade and love the price.



First reaction- HOLY CRAP THIS IS FAST!

Some of my downloaded screen savers have been removed due to incompatibility, and a few apps are a no go: Cyberduck (:/), Xupport (not really missed) and Daisy Disk.

CS4 can't seen to make up its mind on whether it wants to move faster or not- it's really random in regards to speed. Fireworks doesn't seem to work at all, but I never really use it so I can wait to troubleshoot it with Adobe.

Mail, iChat, Safari, Quicktime... well, just about everything the mac has to offer is lightning fast. I feel like I threw 2 more GB of RAM in this machine (Unibody Macbook 2.0 with 4GB of RAM and 500 GB HD @ 5400 RPM).

I hope Adobe releases some patches to help with the speed variance.


Roberto Baldwin

I already miss Cyberduck and my Cisco VPN software can't find a networt connection. Neither of these issues have stopped me from enjoying sweet, sweet Dock Expose.


So far, I really like the upgrades. Quicktime X is very nice for the average user. I still use QT Pro 7 for real video exporting.I am having some incompatibility issues, however. Live Studio Pro is crashing.  A few others too.  I want to see what's in store for 10.6.1  <hr> I own just about every Apple product.iPod.  iPhone.  AppleTV.  Macbook.  iBook.  Mac Pro.  Airport Express.  Airport Extreme.   

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