How to Get Ready for iTunes Match



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Is iTunes Music Match available now if you're a developer and download iTunes 10.5 or do developers have to wait until fall like everyone else?



Can you clear some things up about iTunes Match, if you're able?

1. This is not a streaming service, correct? Unlike LaLa, the technology behind the scan and match part, you have to actually download the track to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or PC to play it?

2. Is there any meta-data preservation once it's uploaded? Specifically, does it preserve ratings, comments, etc...?

3. How does device management co-exist with this? Specifically, if I download a song to my iPhone that I already have on my computer, does it disappear from the phone the next time I sync or does it stay? I see storage on device becoming an issue, which is ironic because this is a "cloud" service...




I agree intellax. Hopefully, once we get the actual service, it will stream and not require downloading in order to play it on the device like the beta currently does. You definitely can't rock a party if your playlist is too big to download. :-)



Great questions, I was about to ask some of the same things. Does this mean I can access all my music from iTunes on any device, even if it doesn't have enough storage to hold my library? Does it also sync my playlists? Is there a web-based player?

I guess for people who go "PC free" it provides a backup of their music, so that's nice.

But if all my music is on all my devices, and I use iCloud/Wifi syncing to move new purchases to all of them, then this service only buys me (1) unlocked copies of my DRM'd music and (2) higher quality copies of any songs I have that are available in iTunes.



Knowing Apple, I have a feeling that this may be a dumb question, but if I paid for this service and had all of my non iTMS music upgraded, so long as I never acquire music from non-iTunes sources ever again, would I only have to subscribe for a year? Not that $25 is a major expense, even on my pathetic salary, but I'm just wondering if I have to subscribe for the rest of my life..


Ray Aguilera

At this point, the details are still sketchy, but my understanding is that once you download the upgraded tracks, they're yours. You wouldn't be able to re-download once your subscription is up, though. Hopefully Apple will be filling us in on more details soon. Stay tuned.




Thanks! Will do

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