HP Makes $100 TouchPad Discount Permanent, Forever Cheaper Than iPad 2



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WebOS isn't even that bad, it's just way too late to the party and has no chance of really succeeding.



“I bring you transparently desperate news today. As you may be aware, over the weekend, we are so desperate to sell this white elephant call the TouchPad that we offered a $100 instant-savings promotion through both our consumer and commercial channels. Because this desperate promotion has so far failed, we have made the decision to permanently implement a $100 price drop on the U.S. list price of the HP TouchPad. We figure there are enough people who will by based on price instead of quality, function and performance that we will at least be able to break even on this fiasco. And we can make up for our losses by selling second-rate apps to those now-captive consumers."



Cheap crap is still crap. Eventually they'll be giving away these free when you open a checking account.

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